barefooting: : verb – 1. to do activities without shoes

Welcome to!  If you have found your way here you too must have a love or at least a curiosity about life without shoes.  I have been a full time “barefooter” for a while now and I have believed in its merits and practiced it’s philosophies for over a decade.  Being a running coach and personal trainer that believes in functionality of the body over anything else I have long preached the importance of strong and well trained feet.  It is in that belief that I came to the idea of  All human motion and kinetic energy starts with the feet and having strong healthy feet that can handle that kind of responsibility is paramount to an overall physically capable body. celebrates activities that involve getting back to the barefoot ways of life and will be a hub for all things barefoot, fitness, nutrition, and overall health.  I hope for this site to be a fountain of information, education, and a place where people can come and voice thier opinions as well as share thier stories. So come here and enjoy yourself, share your thoughts and stories, and take your shoes off.


Jimmy Hart


3 responses »

  1. Sarah Allen says:

    I love this! I wanna go run right now!

  2. Mom and dad says:

    Hi, Son
    Mom and dad stopping by to say good job:)

  3. Lori Bivens says:

    This is great, but I’d like to see a page dedicated to races in the area. Maybe you could give us information on upcoming 5 and 10K’s and marathons, things like that. Thanks

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