Inspired by the 100 consecutive pushups challenge, the following workout can be broken up to be performed during commercial breaks of your favorite shows or during the time-outs of watching your favorite team make a deep run in to the playoffs!

During breaks
1st: 60push ups, 60 bicycle crunches (although alternating sides count each one making a a total of 30 performed on each side)
2nd: 50push ups, 50 bicycle crunches
3rd: 40push ups, 40 bicycle crunches
4th: 30push ups, 30 bicycle crunches
5th: 20push ups, 20 bicycle crunches
you have completed 200 push ups and 200 bicycle crunches!

If you have access to pull up bar, add pull-ups as a 3rd superset on the end of the bicycle crunches in the following decrementing totals:
1st: 12
2nd: 10
3rd: 8
4th: 6
5th: 4
You have now added on 40 pull-ups.

As you build muscular endurance with this regimen see if you can do it all as one “quick” workout. How quickly can you finish? Build towards your own personal record time and HAVE FUN!


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