I was trolling through a favorite website of mine, www.runblogger.com, when I came across this video on running form by Dr. Mark Cucuzzella.  I have admired Mark for quite some time and even had the pleasure of chatting with him a bit at the Running Event in Austin this past year.  He’s both an impressive mind and athlete so when he talks about form and technique I usually recommend people listen.  This video is no different in that regard as I highly recommend you all take about seven and half minutes out of your life to watch this outstanding video on running form principles.

Mark Cucuzzella is a family physician, a natural running advocate, and the Executive Director or The Natural Running Center where he, with a team of other highly credentialed individuals, spread the word of running in a more natural and healthy way.  You can learn more about his effort at www.naturalrunningcenter.com.


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  1. Nice post Jimmy! What took you so long? It’s been a while my friend.
    All well with you?

    Sommer just signed us up for the SF Marathon again this upcoming July. Can’t wait! She just ran her 8th half marathon of the year this past weekend at the Dallas Rock n Roll. The running bug bit her pretty hard since I took her to see Barefoot Ken that time at Luke’s Locker, the same day we met you.

    How’s your health? Have you been feeling good and running pain free?

    Best wishes always

    PS Nice video! Very very helpful

    • Algis I’ve missed you my friend! Life has been pretty busy and I’ve been on the road a lot so I haven’t been able to put up as much info here as I would like. I’m working on it though and hopefully I’ll be able to get back to providing more great stuff for everyone to enjoy and learn from. I am so happy that you and Sommer are doing well and running all those races! I’m doing great and getting back into form as well now that I’ve gotten past all my injuries of last year. Keep in touch.

  2. Allan says:

    I found your site through while I was finding shoe reviews and came across this video. I tried it out and the difference is just amazing.

    I’ve always been a forefoot striker so I felt I ran lightly anyway, but this just takes you to that next step with good form from head to toe.

    So a huge thank you for posting this video!

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