You may have heard me talk about the shoes from a company called Altra.  To this point Altra has been a smaller company that is still very new to the market, and industry, but a company that I love.  They are making the shoes that I have wanted for more years than I can remember, and they are steadily becoming just about the only shoe I wear because of that.  The foot-shaped design and Zero Drop sole is, for me, the ideal footwear scenario and those are key points to every shoe Altra sells.  Recently Altra was given some recognition for their innovation by Competitor Magazine in winning the “Most Innovative Shoe of the Year” award which I thought was very deserving.  Still, we all know you’re not quite there until you are noticed by the big boys, and in this case that would be Runner’s World.  Well, wait no more because Altra has been officially noticed.  It was announced this week that Altra is being awarded “Best Debut” for the Instinct and Intuition (that I reviewed here) by Runner’s World in their March Shoe Guide Issue!  That’s pretty impressive for a company that started selling to the public last April.  Yes, that’s not even a full year ago.

The “Best Debut” award is given when “The shoe represents a promising new addition to its category, receiving high marks from the Shoe lab, wear-testers and editors.”  

Congratulations Altra.  You deserve every bit of the credit you are getting, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.


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