Recently I received and email from the good people at VIVOBAREFOOT that claimed “It’s Official: Barefoot is Best!”.  I want to say I like VIVOBAREFOOT and have some of their shoes.  With that said they have a propensity to really go big on the marketing with what I like to call “somewhat false” statements.  This new statement comes from a recent study released by Dr. Lieberman of Harvard who is also the guy that gave us the first “earth shattering” study about impact force differences in heel striking versus forefoot landing while running.  While both studies are very interesting they are hardly the end all to the debate about barefoot versus shoes.  What they really are is an indication that we are on the right track and in the end it probably won’t be about what’s on your feet at all but more about how your feet are functioning.

I have been writing my thoughts on this study and this advertising statement when I got an email from my friend The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy.  It was his latest post to his highly entertaining blog and it appears he too has some thoughts about both the study and the statement.  He pretty much said everything I wanted to say so instead of cluttering up the world with my thoughts I’m just going to share his.  The link below will take you to his post and I hope you enjoy it.  He’s a bit passionate about the topic, like myself, so you’ll have to excuse his use of some extra curricular verbiage (otherwise known as foul language) but he really did say what I was thinking so here it is.


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  1. Thanks for the link bro! Sorry for the potty mouth folks…but I write like I speak!

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