I was given a chance to review the Kigo Edge many months ago so this review is a little late.  My many injury issues delayed it a bit but I think it was worth the wait.  Kigo is a great company with a great vision and direction, which is evident all the way down to the packaging they use.  The Kigo Edge is one of the now many minimal shoe options on the market, and they have a good place in it from where I’m sitting.

Kigo is a very environmentally friendly company, and I like that a lot.  The pair that I was sent for review came with a note that said they were made from scrap so as to avoid wasting materials.  This had me curious so I instantly picked them up and poured over every inch of each shoe.  They looked great so I was instantly impressed.  I had been sent leftovers, and they were perfect.  They also came in a simple little box, and I was encouraged to recycle it, which is great.  Too much trash is thrown around in the form of packaging, and it’s not good for the environment.  On these premises alone I would recommend you do business with Kigo, but this is about the shoes, isn’t it?

Yes, it is, and the shoes are worth talking about.  Firstly they are made with recycled materials like plastic jugs that are broken down to create the fibers for the upper.  I have t-shirts made from coke bottles, and they are the most comfortable shirts in my closet.  I say that to say this.  The material in the upper of the Edge is insanely comfortable.  When I slid this shoe on my foot the inside was smooth and soft, and it felt great.  The construction is outstanding, and these feel like they would last a lifetime.  I haven’t tested that theory yet, but I’m working on it.  They come in multiple colors to give your personality a chance to express itself.  Mine are a very simple gray with green stitching, and I really like the aesthetics of the shoe.  There are no laces or crazy super technology to speak of.  It’s a simple and sleek slip on.  The material is not some space age stretchy polymer, but it works really well.  They keep their structure through wear and they have yet to get sloppy because they stretched out.  The opening for the foot has a nice curve to it and fits the foot nicely.  The best thing I can say about the upper of this shoe is that it’s comfortable.  Plain and simple, it is comfortable.

The sole is thin and flexible, which is obviously a benchmark for a minimal shoe.  It is slightly different, though, in that it gets thinner in the mid foot than it is at the heel and toe.  The heel and toe measure in at 3.5mm, while the center of the sole is only 1.5mm.  You don’t notice it when the shoe is on, but this feature adds a lot to the flexibility of the shoe.  It also allows the arch a chance to do its thing when you’re wearing these shoes.  The sole has a finger print pattern to it, and it offers plenty of grip for just about any surface and condition.  I tried these on wet, snowy, and even muddy terrain, and the Edge held up to them all really well.  The only issue I have with the sole is that it wraps up over the toe in a way that bothered me slightly.  It sometimes felt weird to have a thick piece of rubber cupping my toe, but it was never a hindrance in performance.  It also, in my opinion, makes the shoe look a little feminine.  I can’t explain why really, but it seems to give the shoe a point at the toe, and when I look down, I feel like it’s more of a woman’s shoe.  Both of these issues are obviously personal and not functional problems so don’t let that sway your thoughts too much.

There is a removable insole if you want to be closer to the ground or have more room in the shoe.  I found this to be a good thing for me.  My foot is wide at the toes, very wide.  This made my experience with the shoe a bit of a challenge.  When I first got them they were tight, and I couldn’t wear them for more than an hour or so before my feet hurt.  It was a really difficult situation because the shoe felt so good on my foot, but it was tight, and that caused pain.  I contacted Kigo about it, and they said that the shoes would stretch if I could handle it.  I consider myself a tough guy so I pushed through and also had my roommate wear them around for me.  Her foot isn’t as wide as mine so her wearing them helped break them in for me.  I can now wear them fairly comfortably, but it took a few months to get there.  The trick that worked best was soaking them with warm/hot water and then wearing them till they dried.  I still feel like they are tight, but it’s manageable, and I can enjoy the comforts of the shoe now.

In terms of performance the Kigo can hold its own.  It can be used for running and training and all the like if that is what you want it for.  You will find it to be more than capable, and it’s also comfortable while you’re doing your work.  Seriously, the inside of this shoe is like silk; it’s outstanding.  Where the Edge really shines is in casual wear.  It looks like a pretty typical casual shoe with a toe cup.  When wearing the Edge there are no weird looks or questions about what the heck is on my feet.  They offer a nice getaway from the attention of most minimal shoes, and they don’t look like a fitness shoe so they go great with the rest of your clothing.

If your foot isn’t caveman-wide like mine then you really cannot go wrong with the Kigo Edge.  They are super comfortable, affordable at $69, and they offer the chance to be casually minimal.



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  1. Algis says:

    Oh wow… They look like you can use them casually with jeans or shorts. Did you have a chance to run in them as well Jimmy? Are they designed for running too? Just love that they are made from scraps. Nike made a shoe a couple years back for Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns that reminds me of these. I just can’t remember what percentage of it was from recycled materials.
    Nice post as always, thank you Jimmy!

    • Algis I have run in them and they serve well for the purpose. My closet is loaded with shoes built specifically for running so I tend more towards those as I like the look of the Kigos with my every day wear. As a running shoe they feel great under the foot and the smoothness inside the upper makes for a blister free time. They could breath better but it’s not bad at all. Kigo has created a very nice and well rounded shoe here with the Edge.

  2. C. Beth says:

    I really like the look of these. Thanks for the review.

  3. Rachelle says:

    Thanks Jimmy! In case your readers would like to try a pair for themselves, they can enter GOBAREFOOT at checkout on our site for a 10% discount good through Sunday (4/10)

  4. Thanks Jimmy.. They look great and might be a plus for me as I need work shoes all the time, a bit casual, but definitely less expensive than the last pair I bought (Merrel Pure Gloves). I am on my feet all day and walk from where my ride works to my work (a little under a mile each direction)

  5. Ned says:

    I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up!
    I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later on. All the best

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