I’ve got something I’m pretty excited about, and it’s the Esperanza 5K.  What makes this 5K any different from others?  That’s a good question, and there are a few answers I can give you.

The first is that it is for a great cause, and I love being able to help charity while also doing what I love to do most.  I’ve always thought charity races were a great way to support a cause and be selfish without having to feel guilty.

The Esperanza 5K Race is in support of the work of Dr. Nancy Rodriguez and Larry Cox at Casa Bugambilia near Matamoros, Mexico. Casa Bugambilia shelters ill and abandoned persons until they can be reunited with their families. It is a center for diabetes prevention and treatment. It provides medical care and physical therapy to people without access to quality health care. Casa Bugambilia advances the education of children through preschool learning readiness classes, tutoring and education enrichment.”

Sounds like a pretty good cause to me so I’m happy to be a part of it.  The people behind the race are local to my home town of Plano, Texas, and they have done a great job of putting together a great event.

The second point of excitement for me is that they are hosting a barefoot division this year!  I was contacted for my input and thoughts, and I believe we have done a great job of adding a barefoot division to this race.  There will be a men’s and women’s division, and the good people at Luke’s Locker have offered gift cards for the winners.  There was a lot of thought put into the barefoot division.  Should we allow minimal shoes to count?  If so what shoes make the cut?  The question was short-lived, as we decided barefoot means barefoot, and this is a truly barefoot division.  If there’s something on your feet then you’re not barefoot, and you will be competing against everyone else.  The course is clean and run on pavement so it should not be too difficult a run for some of you who are on the fence about your abilities.

The final thing I’m excited about is this race will be an official Barefoot Runners Society meet up.  I have yet to find a suitable time and place to get these gatherings going, and I feel like there is no better opportunity than a barefoot race.  I will be there, and I will be running so I want you to come and run with me, barefoot or not.  Truth is I may not be running bare since I’m still battling my heel spur, but I’m running either way and I want you to do so as well.

The race is Saturday March 5th in Plano, Texas.  The festivities start at 7am for packet pickup and registration, with the 1 mile fun run kicking off at 8am.  The 5K will go at 8:30am after the Family Festival gets going at 8:15.  This will be a great event for us to all enjoy so get signed up, and let’s make this first barefoot running of the Esperanza 5K a big event!

For more information you can check out their website at www.esperanza5k.com, and a little birdy may have given me a discount code for my barefoot friends that you can get from me personally at jimmy@gobarefooting.com.



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  1. Algis says:

    Hi Jimmy!
    Hope you’re healing quick and feeling better!
    What a bummer, but I won’t be getting back to Dallas until the 11th of March… 😦
    I’ll try to get my wife Sommer to run this 5K if she’s not travelling on business at that time.
    As for me, I’m still training for the San Francisco Marathon July 31st. I’m up to 17.5 miles completely barefoot already, closing in on those 26.2! Barefoot running has done such huge wonders for me, and the days of sore backs, sore knees and ankles are in my rearview mirror. Barefoot running has been a huge revelation to me. I was hoping to be able to train well enough for the LA Marathon on March 20th, but I just don’t want to push it, so SF it is.
    Keep healing quickly and sure hope to see you soon. Thank you for all you do for the Barefoot Runners Society and for your wonderful blog!
    Best wishes always,

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