I’m not one for yearly reflection and resolutions.  I tend to be the guy who looks at each day as the day after the one before and take them individually for what they are.  Even as a kid I saw things pretty straight forward and never understood a lot of things like New Year’s Resolutions.  I always figured if you were unhappy with something you should just change the way you do things when you realize it and not need a specific day to start.  Perhaps that mentality is why I’ve always been drawn to coaching and training.  With that said, I am one who believes in giving thanks and there’s not much better time to thank those who have been influential to my year than at the end/start of one.  

I’ll start with my good friend, and former client, Matt Hester.  I first met Matt when I put him through a gas exchange metabolic test.  I then got to know him as he trained for the Goofy Challenge in 2009.  I spent many an hour standing next to his treadmill as he logged miles and I “coached”.  It was Matt who, after successfully completing Goofy, challenged me to do the same by saying “if my big butt can do it surely you can, bad knee and all”.  His argument had logic in it and I set off on my own journey to Goofy by barely finishing a half mile, on the treadmill, before my knee locked in pain.  It was a long hard road to get back to being a runner but had it not been for his challenge and my thinking that his argument made sense I probably would still be sitting around wishing I was still a runner, but doing nothing about it thinking my joy had been taken from me forever.  Thank you Matt for pushing, motivating, supporting, and, at times, using my own teachings “against” me.

Second I will thank Noelle; my friend and massage therapist.  My journey back to running was going horribly and I was merely a broken man pushing through immense pain in a blind effort to find something that I had once lost.  Her suggestion that I let her work on my knee to help break up scar tissue that had developed was a God send.  I knew I had scar tissue and thought that it was something that only surgery could fix but she showed me otherwise and it was not until she started working on me that I actually started running again.  Everything before her help was just pain in the form of a jog and everything since her has looked more and more like running.  She has spent countless hours working on my knee, and the rest of me for that matter, without ever asking for a dime or anything in return.  Each time I offered compensation she pointed out that we are friends and that’s what friends do for one another.  Not only has she healed my body but she’s healed my views on friendship as well and I thank you Noelle from the bottom of my heart and the center of my now functional knee.

Third on this list is my friend/editor Lori.  Every word that any of you have read on this site has first been read and fixed by her.  She has given her time and help for free out of the kindness of her heart, as well as from a desire to have me not look like an illiterate fool, as I have a tendency to believe my first draft of something is as good as it’s going to get and throw it out there.  If there are grammatical errors or misspellings in this post it’s because she’s not reading it first this time so I don’t spoil the surprise of my thanks.  Thank you Lori as my efforts here on this site would not be the same without your help and concern.  She’s also for hire if any of you out there want the help 🙂

Lastly and not the least of all I want to thank all of you who stop by and visit this site.  It was an idea I had one day while out on a run and it has become so much more than I ever thought possible.  I was venturing into a new chapter in my professional life and thought that a website might help me to promote myself as well as give me an avenue to share the things I’ve learned through fourteen years of working with and helping people.  Out of nowhere the visits to my site went up, and while they continually rise every month I have only you guys to thank for that.  The success of this site has given me global recognition on some levels as well as led to wonderful opportunities with many great companies and organizations that I will forever be grateful for.  I promise to continue my original purpose of providing a place of entertainment and education for your enjoyment to the best of my abilities and I hope that you continue to enjoy and gain from it.  It has been a sincere pleasure to be a part of this with you.

There is so much I would like to say to those I’ve listed here as well as to all of you who support me and this site but I struggle with the words to properly express my humble gratitude.  So I’ll use the two most simple words I can think of but seem to have more meaning than any others I can find.

Thank You


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  1. Matt says:

    Jimmy you are welcome but more importantly Thank You right back! Your continued friendship and motivation has been a God send for me ad I try to tackle my own fitness goals. Your willingness to share your knowledge and a good swift kick have improved my life! Words cannot express how much I am looking forward to running with you this weekend. I am not sure if I am more excited for Disney or running with you. Maybe we can catch my brother-in-law. 🙂

    Thank you again, and travel safe and see you this weekend!

  2. Lori says:

    You are always welcome, but I’m not sure you would ever look like “an illiterate fool.” 🙂

  3. Algis says:

    Jimmy, it was great to meet you back in May at Barefoot Ken Bob’s seminar at Luke’s Locker. I’m so glad you just came up to me and introduced yourself. You seemed very friendly and enthusiastic, and I found someone with whom to share something as special and fun as barefoot running. Although we have only met once, I’ve gotten to know you better through your articles, and have come to learn a lot more about running.
    I’m so glad you are overcoming your injuries but at the same time you’re encouraging me to become a better runner as well, despite my health problems.
    Thank you Jimmy for this website, and for the always interesting articles you take the time to write. I’m very grateful for you. Hope to see you soon!

    Best wishes,

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