In my last update, where I admited my worst case scenario had come true, I made an attempt to come to grips with the fact that I’m injured.  I’m not completely injured to where I’m debilitated and cannot perform, which is a good thing.  I am, however, injured to an extent that I cannot perform in the manner that I want to.  Or at least that’s what I thought. 

This week I had a good week of running.  I logged a nice twelve mile run on Tuesday, and had I decided to run 13.1 miles I would have beaten my half marathon record that day.  Wanting to be smart about my training, I backed off the speed a little and made myself stop at twelve instead of seeing how the extra mile would have gone.  For the record I could have added a mile at my average pace for that run, and it would have been close to a personal best over that distance. 

Due to my schedule getting hectic, my next run was on Saturday.  Yes that’s a big gap and not a lot of miles for the week given my goals, but I’m hurt, and I have to make sure I do not overdo it so I’m okay with the lack of mileage.  I signed up for the Frosty 5k with a group of co-workers, and my running partner for the Goofy Challenge, Matt, was in town so I signed him up for it as well.  We also decided to do a little extra mileage that day since we both needed/wanted to get some distance in.  The plan was to run the 4.7 miles from his hotel to the race, enjoy the 5k, and then run back.  We had a nice run to the race and it was a really nice warm up.  We both felt good through some huge hills, and the 5k had a great atmosphere for us to enjoy when we got there. 

The race went pretty well given the strong winds and freezing temperatures.  The course had a few turnarounds on it so you were always in a crowd.  Matt was feeling pretty strong in the race, and I felt good except for an upset stomach that developed the night before and lasted through the day.  The stomach cramps from a bad burrito the night before really held me back during the three mile course and forced me to tell Matt that, if he had it in him, to go for it with about a half mile left.  I was able to reel him in through the last quarter mile, but he beat me by about seven seconds or so.  I don’t have official times as they are not posted yet, but all in all it was a good race that I think I finished somewhere around twenty-seven minutes. 

We skipped the run back and grabbed a ride from my boss since my stomach was not feeling it, and my hips tightened up as we cheered in the rest of my co-workers.  So with four weeks to go I logged a twenty mile week.  Not exactly on par with my plans but good enough to teach me a few things. 

I’m going to take this opportunity to thank my new friends at Inov-8 for the great shoes they sent me to try and help get me through this shod period of running!  They have been so nice and helpful by sending me a pair of their road racing flats, the F-Lite 195.  My first wear in the shoes was this nearly 8 mile day and my feet felt great the entire time.  The shoes are very comfortable and did not hinder my forefoot striking stride at all.  I will have a comprehensive review of them in the near future but I already highly recommend them if you’re looking for a racing flat as they have now jumped to the top of my list.  Thank you Inov-8 and I am very much looking forward to what you guys have in store for us minimal runners in the future! 

First, my legs are adapting really well to wearing shoes, and with little to no soreness after either of my runs this week, I can say they are pretty much a long run away from being ready for Disney. 

Second, all the wearing shoes I’ve been doing seems to be making my heel feel better.  It’s made some really big strides in the last few weeks, and it’s giving me some hope for my ability to still run minimal at Disney.  I have an appointment with the doctor this week that will probably give me my final answer, but at the moment my hopes are at least raised. 

Third, never eat a giant cheese covered burrito from a place you don’t know the night before a big run.  Just trust me on that one.


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  1. Algis says:

    Oh wait, what?

    Hey Jimmy, glad you’re feeling better! I hope your podiatrist has good news for you during your next visit.

    My wife has decided to start training for a half marathon in March with some of her coworkers, so I’ve begun to cut my regular runs a little shorter in the daytime so I can run again with her later when she gets back from work around 6ish. The only problem with that for me is that by the time we get to run together, it’s too dark to run barefoot, and I’ve had to run in my TerraPlana EVOs. Nothing beats barefoot running, but it has been a good alternative. Very light and very, very comfortable. Just have to make sure they’re worn with socks because otherwise they’ll blister your lower Achilles!

    Great article as usual! Thank you Jimmy!

    Best wishes to you,

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