Bart Yasso.  If you have not heard that name then you need to Google, Bing, or do whatever it is that you do to find out about stuff you are not informed on.  In the meantime I will give you a little info to tide you over. You could go as far as saying Bart Yasso is the reason road racing is what it is today, and you would not be called out for exaggerating.

Bart is a humble and proud man of running lore.  His book is written from that stance, and from page one you can tell you are hearing from someone who believes running is a great saver of lives.  He chronicles his battles with drugs, smoking, and alcohol as a youth and his challenges with life before he found running.  Running made Bart Yasso, and he paid it forward by building the American race landscape.

Through a challenge from his brother Bart found he was good at running, and it took him all over the world on adventures that many would say could only be made up by the most creative of storytellers.  His post with Runners World Magazine had him working to help race directors promote races and offer runners the goody bags that we all have come to expect and enjoy when we sign up for a race.  It was those efforts and his own abilities to run fast that got him invites to races all over the world.  In the book he finds himself running around and away from a rhinoceros, up and down the tallest mountains in the world, across the hottest desert in the country, and barreling through fields in the buff, all to cross a finish line.

The book is well written, with each chapter covering a part of his life or a race that he ran.  He tells tales of fun times and great achievements with great humor and grace.  Bart has lived an amazing life and feels it is all because of running.  You can feel his gratitude toward running in every story he shares, and it is genuine and heartfelt.  The stories run smoothly from one to the other, and you find yourself wanting to continue to the next one because you know he would not be telling the story unless there was something special about it.

He shares training tips and offers advice from his many years of experience in the sport of running.  He also shares the information that he has gotten from some of the greatest runners the world has ever seen.  The information he shares about how to run is very sound and can be used by anyone from the greenest beginner to the most seasoned veteran.

In short this is a fun book to read that will also teach you a little about running.  It will make you want to travel and experience races that are different.  It made me start a list of races to run all over the world that I never thought about running.  Because of his words and his experiences I now plan on running those races, and I believe you too will find you want to be like Bart and embrace all that running has to offer us.  Pick up this book, and you will be glad you did.  It inspires and motivates as well as entertains.


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