I’m sitting here wondering where my motivation is.  I’m driven, so I get my work in, but lately the motivation has been lacking.  Is it the summer heat suddenly showing up?  Is it the pain in my foot?  Is it the crazy fast growth of this site, my coaching business, and positions in the Barefoot Runners Society keeping me busier than before?  I do not think it’s any one thing but all of them combined.  So how do I get my motivation back?  I need it, considering my next race is the first week of September, and I have to be ready.  So what’s the plan?  I’ll tell you.

The plan is to change it up.  To be honest I am ready for the Disneyland Half Marathon on September 5th.  I can go out there right now and easily cross the finish line.  I can probably do it faster than any other half I have ever done.  So the plan now is to focus on speed.  I have more than enough time to change the game and get faster for this race.  I believe my foot, which has had a phantom pain for about a month now, is finally better so I can ramp it back up and let go of that excuse for taking it easy.  I am adding in shorter run days rather than continuing to build up my distance.  These will allow me to push my muscles’ limits and strengthen them for the added pace I want.  I am also adding in some heavy leg training days in the weight room.  I have not done this in a long time so I know it’s going to make me sore, but that’s ok; the added strength and endurance from the weights will also add to the speed.  Just writing all this down is already building up my motivation levels.  It makes me want to go right now!

The next thing on the list is to add to the mental aspect of it all.  I have spent the majority of my time lately working on stuff for other people.  I’ve been very busy answering questions that are sent in, working for the BRS, and testing as well as seeking out new products for reviews.  I never realized how much time and effort all of that can take.  That’s not to say you should stop coming to me with your questions.  I love getting the questions and the feedback from all of you, and it’s because of you that this site is growing the way it is!  I love it and could not be more thankful to all of you for that.  Still I need to put my mind back on running and not just running but running for me.  I’ve picked up some running books, which always help, and worse case scenario I fire up Spirit of the Marathon, one of my favorite documentaries on running, and let motivation take its natural course.

The third and final phase for this motivational change is to just get back out there and do it.  I’ve fallen prey to not going lately.  I’ve let all the little things get in the way, but no more.  It’s been uncommonly cool this summer, and I think the recent switch to typical Texas heat has worn me down some.  I know the pain in my foot has given me more than enough cause to watch a run or two go by without me.  I know that was a good thing, but the foot seems better now so it’s time to go.  For me, getting the desire to go for a run is as simple as putting on the gear.  The minute I pull on a pair of running shorts my mind automatically goes into “game” mode, and its go time.  I’m blessed to have that gift, and it’s high time I went back to using it.

So that’s it for me; I’m good.  Motivation is the key to all of this.  We all have our reasons for doing what we do, and I will now officially get back to mine.  What is it?  It’s love.  I love running.  I love that I have been blessed with the ability to run.  I love that my life allows me to run just about whenever I feel like it.  I love it, and I’m going to do it.  So that’s me; what about you?  What motivates you?


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  1. Nathan says:

    When you figure out what works for you, let me know. I’m suffering from a similar lack of drive and time as well… I felt like I was almost reading my own thoughts on your post. How about we just add a few more hours to the day 😉

  2. Mom says:

    I love that your determination has over come your childhood disabilities and can do more now. There was a time as a child you couldn’t do the thing’s you do now. You are truly blessed. Love Mom

    • One step ahead of you Matt! I listened to that last night and I was very impressed by our friend Brian (who needs to sign up for Disney!). It felt like Baz Luhrmann’s warning about sunscreen from back in the day!

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