Tomorrow I will make my way to Roswell, New Mexico with great excitement.  It’s about an eight-hour drive, which gives me mixed emotions, but I’m still excited.  I will get to see my best friend Zack for the first time in three years.  This is the guy I saw nearly every day for five years in college, and to have gone this long has been crazy.  So much has changed for the both of us over these three years that I’m not sure there will be enough time in my four days out there to cover it all.  He’s had a baby girl and started a career as a high school teacher and basketball coach.  My life’s changes have seen me embark on a new career, ditch conventional shoes all together, and see my body bounce back from massive knee injury and surgery to run again.  It’s that last thought that has me curious and hopeful about this trip!  I hope to get a good run or two in out there as the dry air and change of scenery will be great.  I also hope to maybe stumble across a visitor to earth while I’m out there!

How cool would that be?  I’ve never really been one to believe in some of the “crazy” stuff that people put faith in.  Things like ghosts make me curious, but I want to see one.  I want to witness with my own eyes and see how I react to the moment.  It’s easy to say how tough I would be, but who knows?  I might just scream at a high pitch and freeze in terror.  I won’t know until it happens.  The same goes for the little green guy.  Maybe I’d run right up to it and ask it if it wants to join me.  I might also take off in the other direction or just stop where I stand and freak out.  Either way I sure would enjoy the opportunity to test my hero complex.

According to Wikipedia, “the Roswell UFO Incident was the alleged recovery of extra-terrestrial debris, including alien corpses, from an object which crashed near Roswell, New Mexico,USA, in June or July, 1947.”  1947 was a long time ago, but accounts of findings still pop up from time to time so maybe I have a chance to get out on a run and see something in the wilderness.  Zack does live out in the middle of nowhere so maybe, just maybe.  His cell phone barely works at his house so he’s either just too far out, or could there be little aliens jamming the signals out there?  Oh, the possibilities for my wandering mind out on an early run in a strange place.  There is a giant “unexplained” crater somewhere out there around Roswell where the purported alien craft crashed.  Maybe I can get in a run near there, but I would imagine the aliens have fled that area for a safer hiding place by now.

I remember as a kid, I would watch this movie on HBO, The Aurora Encounter, at my grandparents’ house, and I longed to be like the kids in the movie, who find the little green alien flying around in his ship, checking things out.  My grandpa would tell me stories of how the movie was based on an alien crash in a small town near ours called Aurora, Texas.  According to legend, a spaceship crashed in the small town in 1897, and the little alien did not survive so the good people of Aurora buried it in the local cemetery with an unmarked grave.  I went to Aurora as a teen and tried to find the unmarked grave of the alien visitor, but I had no luck.  I wondered then and I wonder now, “Are they out there; have they been here?” I do not know, but I still wonder, and maybe this fun trip to visit my friend will give me an answer.  I seriously doubt any conclusions will be found on this weekend trip but it will be nice to enjoy some good running as well as some fun thoughts to enjoy while I explore!


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  1. Duncan says:

    If you meet any extra-terrestrial folk out there while you’re running, no worries. With their advanced knowledge, they will undoubtably be barefoot, or at least minimalist, runners. Should be lots to talk about together! 🙂

    Safe travels, Jimmy. Duncan.

  2. I wonder if they have five fingers on each foot like humans do! What did ET’s feet look like?

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