For centuries people have used things like magnets, crystals, and even pyramids as ways to tune the body to perform at a higher level.  For years I’ve always thought of this as kooky craziness.  I’ve known people who have worn the magnetic bracelets that had another boom a few years back, and they swore by them, but I could never get on board with this yoga hocus pocus, as a close trainer friend put it.  For the record, he is a yoga and pilates instructor.  The more I study and learn about the human body, the more I get curious about things like this, and I wonder if there could be any truth to it.

I watch baseball players on TV wearing titanium infused Phiten bracelets and necklaces.  If I’m not mistaken, I see Paul Pierce and Lamar Odom in the NBA finals sporting a new Power Balance bracelet that boasts an ability to improve performance through a hologram that is embedded with frequencies that react positively with the body’s natural frequencies.  Can this be real?  It’s become so much more than crystals and magnets.  Now we’re using minerals and frequencies and talking about electromagnetic fields and how electronics all around us are polluting our bodies.  As a realistic person I can look at that and realize there is some truth to it and know it can’t be good for me.  So why am I bringing all this up?

Well nearly two years ago I was approached by a fellow trainer whose husband was working on a product that is similar to those that I mentioned earlier.  She told me about this bracelet that has a charged chip in it that works as a shield against things like these electromagnetic fields that can be so harmful to us.  I was listening, and I was interested, but she really threw me off when she said she bet it would help with my knee pain and wanted me to try it.  How could I pass up an offer like that?  So I tried it, and I have to admit that whether it was in my head or not I felt an improvement in a lot of areas.  Most notably I felt like I did not fatigue as quickly as I used to, and yes, my knee did not hurt as much when wearing it.  I was shocked and believed.  I had the proof in my own experiences and I’ve always believed that even if something is a placebo it should not be a bad thing because on some level it is doing what it says it can.  I still to this day have that bracelet she gave me, and it now doubles as my id when I’m out on a run.

In another post, I recently mentioned a trainer that I respect named Sam Jang.  Well Sam approached me about these bracelets again just a couple weeks ago, but these are a completed product; the one I had was a test version.  He said they are much nicer and wanted me to get one.  I again put him off and said I wasn’t sure because these things are not cheap plus I was already happy with the one I had, and even after all my positive experiences I was still on the fence about all of this stuff.  In all of my studying, I cannot find a true scientific study supporting or refuting this type of technology.  I have found numerous studies on EMF (electromagnetic fields) and their effects on the body.  I learned that my body has the same magnetic resonance as the earth, which is called the Schumann Resonance, and it’s 7.83 hz just in case you’re wondering.  So why is that important?  Well some studies have shown that things like shoes, electronics, concrete, and all the other wonderful things we have in the world are causing us to be farther and farther away from the Earth’s surface.  We have less contact with the actual Earth than ever before, and that is causing our body’s natural resonance to stray from the natural frequency of 7.83.  The marketing for this new version of the bracelet mentions that every biochemical event in the body is preceded by an exchange of electrons that occurs on the microscopic level.  This new bracelet contains a technology that acts as a bio-antenna, altering the way our bodies interact with their electromagnetic environments.  They claim this may help increase power and balance and optimize biological responses.  I still am not sure how to put all this together, but I am going to keep trying because so much of it makes sense.

Due to my skepticism, Sam gave me one of the newer bracelets, and I have been trying it.  The company that produces them is called C-Prime, and they are not without scrutiny already, as they have decided to have the bracelets privately distributed instead of putting them on store shelves.  As a scientific trainer, I can blast holes in this product and the tests proving its abilities all day.  As an athlete who is willing to give most things a try to see if they work, I took my free upgraded bracelet and have been testing it in various areas where I think the usual “tricks” cannot be used.  I have worn it during weight lifting, running, casual daily wear, and while asleep.  With the bracelet on while running, I have felt a boost in my energy and endurance levels.  I have also noticed lower heart rate levels during my runs with the bracelet.  Still, the problem there is that there are too many variables like heat, wind, and hydration levels to contend with, but still I have not felt as tired while running with it.  During my weight training, I cannot say I have noticed a measurable difference in my performance.  What I did notice is the day I received the bracelet, I was wrecked from a hard weight session.  My muscles were extremely sore, but within hours of putting on the bracelet, I honestly could not say that I felt much of the soreness at all, and there is no way that the soreness should have gone away that quickly, as it was the day after the workout, and I should have continued to be sore much longer than I was.  Did I just recover fast, or does this thing work?  Casual wear during the day also does not seem to make any noticeable difference in how I feel so I cannot say much about it in that field.  The one that I was really looking forward to is when I sleep.  My mental skills and ability to believe or disbelieve cannot be of any effect.  It’s an area where I have no control, and the results have been interesting.  First, I notice that I fall asleep much faster and easier when wearing the bracelet, and falling asleep has always been something that is difficult for me.  I have also noticed that I sleep deeper and wake up feeling more refreshed when I sleep wearing the bracelet, and I’ve tested this over the course of a month.  It has been a very nice response from the bracelet, and I cannot see how to argue against it on this one.  How can I have a placebo effect in my sleep?

So what do I think of this newest attempt at taking the magnets and crystals to the next level?  It’s hard to say.  I want so badly to see something scientific backing or destroying it so I can have something to work with.  Sadly, I do not think anything like that will come any time soon.  I think there is some merit to the ideas behind products like this one, but I am just not sure we are there yet in terms of understanding it.  Is it a placebo?  I cannot say because I do not yet understand the science behind it all.  I still say that even if it is, why would that matter if at the end of the day I get the results I am looking for?  I know that I put it on before I go for a run, and I am wearing it when I sleep because those are the two areas that I notice it the most.  I do not wear it all day because I really do not like having a lot of stuff hanging on me, but maybe it would do more for me if I did.  I still want to believe against it, but I am finding that hard to do.  I thought after seeing the videos and tests for it that this bracelet was a scam, but having gotten a free one, I gave it a shot, and although I am still not 100% sold on it, I really cannot just sit here and say it’s worthless.  I guess sometimes in life we just have to have faith and go with it.  If you’re interested, you can contact Sam at or to purchase you can go here

EDIT:  I was recently informed that the online shopping option is not functioning properly so if you are interested in purchasing or have more questions you can click the link above and use the email on that page for all your needs.  Thanks guys and I apologize if that link not functioning properly has caused any inconvenience for anyone.


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  1. If only I had a buck for every time I came here! Great article.

    • Jeffrey Timmelt says:

      Well I tried I Renew. Useless. Powerbalance is a cheap piece of rubber, also no change. Was just introduced to C Prime Bracelet. I am a skeptic and let me tell you I made them do the test 5 different times. I was blown away. It does work unlike all the others. I would like to get some for my Uncle who is older and has trouble with balance. I still cant believe that finally someone has a product that really works with results. Congrats C Prime.

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    • Robert Baysa says:

      That is interesting as some dentists offer the product … fashionable … try looking up Agility Guard as it has research …

      • Todd Fong says:

        Yeah, my friend Dr. Art Kwan is a Agility Guard Dentist in NorCal has a CPrime Bracelet I gave him that his wife is now wearing….. I have a PPM ($2000+) from him and it seemed to work okay but at the price for a mouth piece you have to wear all the time in your mouth to get what the CPrime ($100 Neo Band, $60 Burn Band) has offer tha the Agility Guard and PPM can’t seems like a no brainer! This band works and helps me sleep and wake up up with no problems!

  3. Jay Bowers says:

    The product is amazing! I have had it on for two hours (my first time wearing it) and I noticed that my posture is better already and my fracture in my fourth metatarsal seems as if it isn’t present.

  4. todd Wagner says:

    Well I have tried most of these items and cPrime works better than irenew or power balance, but not better than the bionic band. We will see if you post this or or not.

    • I have no experience with the Bionic Band but would love to try it out and review it. I have tried to contact the company for a donor model to test with no success so if you know of someone I can contact about it please let me know and I promise to give an honest and thorough review the same as I do for all products. Thanks for the recommendation!

      • Gary Vorhies says:

        Gary V.
        I have had constant pain in my left heel for a year, with no health insurance I have put off going to see a foot specialist. A friend of mine is a strenght and conditioning coach and he happened to be doing some testing of the power band. I saw it on the table in his gym so being curious I tried it on and then did my workout. I’ve been wearing it for three days now and the pain has been relieved by 90%. I plan on buying one if not two just for the pain relief I have experienced.

      • Joanne Striegler says:

        I really wanted to try this. I went to the link you gave us and I almost fainted. No one here has mentioned the price – $100!!!! I am still in shock and angry. I cannot pay that. Is there a cheaper distributor?
        Geez if only….

      • I agree about the price. I was very shocked that this product is selling at $100 when all the competitors are around $20. The construction is good on the CPrime bands and they do look nicer than others on the market but it’s a pretty big price gap even with the better quality.

  5. Deborah says:

    Look for the youtube where they tear the bracelet apart. Any thoughts on that?

    • I did watch the video and it showed the exact same thing I found in mine when my dog got a hold of it. I do not claim to fully understand the ideas or technology behind all of these bands that are all over the market right now. I wish I did but knowing that I do not, I have to wonder if there is a way to charge these pieces of metal so that they hold a specific frequency? I have read numerous studies that place the function of the human brain to be between 13-30Hz on the beta wave and 8-13Hz on the alpha wave scale. So can this piece of metal found in the bracelets be charged to a frequency that will help keep the body in the proper range of Hz? I have no idea. That is all a form of science in which my knowledge base is very limited. I will say that there is something to be said for the placebo effect and maybe these bands play very well into that arena if nothing else. I’m not saying they do not work because I still honestly do not know, but if they do not and I am none the wiser then in a sense they work. If I put a piece of rubber on my wrist and feel better then the bracelet did all that was advertised as long as I never find out the “truth”. Still, like I said in the original post, I wish I had scientific proof one way or the other but I don’t and probably never will. Real or fake the secrets are too valuable to these companies to just give them away.

  6. John says:


    This business is a sad commentary on the gullibility of the American people… or perhaps merely another profound testament to the quality of our own home-grown scam artists.

    Good grief, people. This is voodoo science… and if there was ANY credibility to this OVERPRICED piece of junk, it would be fully patented. If one feels compelled to be foolish, at least buy one of the $19.95 versions like this one ——where you can get a two for one deal… AND THEY DEMO THEIR PRODUCT JUST LIKE CPRIME. Sheesh!!! You can’t make up idiocy like this!

    • Gary says:

      I have done the tests with i renew and again with c prime… c prime kicks i renews ass, big time

      i renew is sold for $10 because it doesn’t work, it is a piece of junk, those people on TV are actors, shhesh don’t believe anything you see on tv dude

      cPrime is the ONLY real deal with univerity testing to back it up

      • Can you supply the university study results? I’ve heard them mentioned many times but no one seems to actually have access to them. I would love to see them for myself if at all possible.

      • no way says:

        Really, what about the double blind university testing that cprime failed?

        Yeah I doubt they’d put that fail in their marketing materials.

        Oh where’s the patent? It doesn’t exist. No, patents aren’t “secret” in America.

        (This post was edited to remove negative comments made to other posters. I encourage good debate but do not allow negative comments to be directed at others on here)

      • I like the video posting. I like to see actual testing, even if it is on a small scale, because I’ve been asking and searching for something like this for a long time.

    • Michael says:

      My guess is that you sell the buyrenew hunk of junk and that’s why your pushing so hard to have people go there and buy it> If you would do your homework on Cprime you would see that it does have patented pending on it. and that doesn’t happen over night it takes months and months to do this.. So please do all of us a favor and try the bracelet before you go knocking someone product.

    • chachi says:

      Actually it works really well. You should try one, maybe it will help you be more pleasant.

  7. John says:

    Sorry. That link should read:

    PS. I am not recommending this product. This is for comparison purposes only.

    • I respect the thoughts but calling people idiots for having a belief in something is a little extreme. Maybe there is some truth to the product, maybe not, but if it helps someone then I am all for them using it. Studies have shown that the placebo effect is very real and effective so if at worst case scenario the user gets a solid “fake” response then great for them because the end result is them feeling better. I still maintain that my official opinion on products like these will be held at bay until I have some scientific proof put in front of me proving or disproving the validity but if it makes pain go away, offers more energy, or just helps a person feel better in general then I say more power to you. You are blessed for finding something that works for you.

  8. I know who invented the C-Prime

    It does work

    • This is a well thought out and seemingly researched post about C-Prime. I will say I’m not a big fan of the approach but I’m a fair person so I gladly post the negative as well as the positive for the things I review. I like seeing both sides of the argument since I’m not really a believer or disbeliever when it comes to this product.

  9. droog says:

    thanks for the note. can you tell me what about the approach you’re against?
    i made my hypothesis (which is strictly an opinion) that the product doesn’t do what they claim.
    then i contradicted some facts that a major distributor told me.
    then i showed a video (that i didn’t make) that showed how the tests are really controlled manipulations.
    i thought all in all, it was fairly moderate, with the exception of a few F bombs.

    • Maybe approach was the wrong word. I appreciate the fact that you did your homework and I did the same things you did so I agree with a lot that you said. My comment was directed to the tact of your post. I try to keep my stuff clean so the f-bombs, albeit understandable, were the part that I could have done without. Your points were good and strong so you didn’t need them in there. You have a great ability to make a point in a very clean and intelligent way. Tossing the profanities all through your intellectual piece brings it down and gives it the feel of an opinionated piece instead.

  10. droog says:

    ah, noted. that’s just the style of my blog. a leopard can’t change his spots.

  11. Omem says:

    One of my customers walked into my office yesterday and had the cprime bracelet, and asked him what that was and so he explained it to me and did two of the tests on me as well to one of my co-workers and let me tell you that thing did work, it was weird, but it did. Tried the twist staring at thumb and the pulling of one arm down while extending arms and one foot up, it was freaky. Asked him if he has felt any difference and his biggest difference was when he sleeps says he does not snore as much anymore and feels a bit reenergized in the mornings, but says during the day does not feel anything anymore, at first he had lots of energy, I guess either the body adapted to it or stopped working, honestly I have never heard of them or seen them before until yesterday, and let me tell you, you need to put one on to see it for yourself.
    Now let me say when the tests were being done, don’t get me wrong it is not like in the videos, where the person hardly moves from its spot or anything else, but twisting about 8 to10 inches more or losing balance not as easily as it was when I had no bracelet, made me some sort of a small believer.
    The sucky part is that after reading on the Internet and watching and watching the videos is that it is tied to some sort of MLM(multilevel marketing) and I am definitely not interested in that. Never done it and never will. Big turn off, anyway that is just my opinion, I hope I do not offend anyone.

    • Omem says:

      I got my bracelet in have tried it for a week, let me tell you I went running for the first time in 4 weeks, I had surgery, and the little running that I did, my body was just asking for more and more meaning not to stop running, but I had to, I do not want to injure my self either. I bought it for the purpose of getting the extra push when I go running and play soccer, let me tell you I can attest to that, it works in some weird way ! My wife even says that I do not even snore anymore, she says I have a quiet sleep, she “envys” my sleep, perhaps I am resting better when I sleep and as a result I have more energy in the mornings, but hey works for me. I am 37 years old and our first child is on the way, so I need to feel as young and healthy as possible whenever he arrives to this world, anyway just wanted to say that it has made a small impact on some of my daily activities. Try it out, just put it on around your wrist and that is it, leave it on all day and all night, take care !

  12. Michael says:

    My wife bought the CPRIME for my son but had to try the test(ballance test) on me. Hell I tried to mess her up meaning without having the bracelet on I tried not to lose my ballance when she pulled on me and I couldn’t and then with the bracelet on she tried to make me lose my ballance and she couldn’t, WEIRD??? My son just started to wear it for football to get an edge on everyone else and to see if it effects some of his other issues he has. It already seems to have an effect on him that i can’t explain yet but will in a couple of weeks. But even if it has some sort of placebo effect or it really could have an effect after hearing of some of the possitive responses isn’t it worth it?? Remember it had some sort of effect on me and not the placebo effect!!!!

  13. Travis says:

    There was a guy doing a demo and selling these things at a Braves game in Ga and I tried the twist test and another holding a stick behind the back with both hands and him pushing it down (balance and strength?). I can tell you I was amazed at the difference it made. My wife was watching him put his weight on the stick and before the bracelet it took little effort to tip me backwards but after putting on the bracelet I pretty much held all his weight without tipping and didn’t even think he was pushing that hard(she confirmed he had his feet off the ground). On the twist test It probably gave me another 10-15 degrees of freedom. I was thinking about getting one to see if it would help my golf game! Bottom line is that it got my attention but have no idea how it works or for how long. May be some kind of alien stuff, who knows? If you’re thinking about getting one but have your doubts just contact a dealer before you buy and check it out yourself.

  14. Mathew says:

    Good article! Very accurate description of the product indeed. I have a friend who let me try hers on the other day and even though I’m highly skeptical of this sort of thing, I have to say it actually made a believer out of me! I don’t know what the difference it causes is but there definitely is a difference in your body while you’re wearing it.

  15. just a thought says:

    I usually never post on these things and I am a HUGE skeptic. I saw the demonstrations and I did buy a bracelet. In the scam post the writer said your body was just warming up and that is why the tests were better with the bracelet. My seller did the tests over and over with and without the bracelet and the results were the same the third, fourth and fifth time. Since then, my son LOVES to take the bracelet and try the tests on everyone and how true it is, how long it lasts, or how real it is I do not know… but I do know it is amazing and it will turn your head to see it work!

  16. jake says:

    Let me start by saying I understand why people would be skeptical of something like CPrime. This is far beyond my level of scientific understanding but the bracelet has done wonders for my knee.
    I was given the CPrime for free to test from a friend who used to play football for a major university. He knew I’ve had my right knee rebuilt twice and still have 2 microfractures that have never healed. I said what the heck, I have nothing to lose. I put the bracelet on and went to play 18 holes of golf. Never once during the entire round did I think about my knee which I usually rub between every shot and hobble around the course. In fact I even walked for a majority of the holes.
    2 days later I got the opportunity to play golf again (I never play twice a week anymore because my knee can’t handle it). I decided to put this thing to the test and played without my knee brace for the first time in 3 years. Not only did my knee feel great, I also shot my best score (79)since before my first reconstruction.
    I played again that weekend and decided to try without wearing the bracelet. Guess what? My knee hurt like it always had and I struggled to finish the round. Since then I have not removed the CPrime bracelet and have not had the first bit of pain in my knee. I find myself actually running up and down stairs which I haven’t been able to navigate for several years without holding onto the rail.
    I haven’t done any of the other tests regarding stamina, flexibility, etc. but I can’t deny the improvements it has made for my pain and arthritis. I have experimented with about every remedy under the sun and no product has ever delivered like this. I plan to buy one for my father who broke his neck playing professional football and has both hips replaced. He lives in CONSTANT agony and I want to see if this can help him. If so, I believe there is much more than simply a placebo effect.
    I am still skeptical why my knee doesn’t hurt anymore but whatever the reason, I am very grateful. I’ve only been wearing it a few weeks now and have had at least 10 people notice that I’m not walking with a limp anymore.

  17. Denise says:

    I recieved a c prime bracelet for my birthday. I am a young 48yr old female in good shape. However, I have always had lower back and side pain. Within 30 min of wearing the cprime bracelet, I had forgotton about my pain.

  18. droog says:

    good lord, you cprimers are busy spamming message boards.

    please find one scientific explanation about how this works. just one. something beyond “every biochemical event in the human body is preceded by an exchange of electrons occuring at the microscopic level. Peak performance relies on a adept sequence of those events”.

    if the product is real, surely you’d have access to the studies or research that proves it. let’s see it. what *exactly* does this bracelet do to one’s electrons and how exactly does that help?

    • jake says:

      I really can’t offer any scientific explanation. All I did was share my experiences with it so far. Still haven’t had the first twinge in my knee since putting it on and this coming from a guy who would almost fall on the floor in pain every morning I got out of bed.
      Question to you Droog….do you suffer from chronic pain and have you ever tried it? If you do suffer and haven’t tried I would suggest a test drive before formulating such concrete conclusions about something you have no personal experience with.
      As for spamming, let’s see, you have replied to this thread 5 times……hmmmmmmm. Pot meets kettle my friend.

  19. droog says:

    no, i don’t suffer from chronic pain, but i have done the cprime “tests”, so i’m familiar with the product.

    i just want one explanation on the science behind it. surely the person that came up with it would like to share his or her earthshattering breakthrough with the scientific world. a magnet on the wrist that can cure pain, make you stronger and with the balance of an elite athlete? i’d be pushing for a nobel prize or something.

    the reason i used the word “spamming” is because if you google cprime (or cprime scam), you’ll see basically the same type of response anywhere someone talks realistically about the product.

    cprime is an MLM with a huge push from internet social media. one of the tactics used is to flood the outlets (facebook, twitter, message boards, etc) with positive reviews, especially in places where someone is being critical.

    if your experience has been real, great for you man. but i’m willing to bet that a large portion of the responses are from cprime distributors.

    • I will insert here that the majority of searches that find their way to my review of the C-Prime Bracelet have the word scam linked to them. No I make no connection between this product and any scams in my review but that search definitely sends you my way. With that said I still sit neutral with this product in terms of it’s legitimacy. I’ve felt some results when wearing it but not the ones that the company says I should so who’s to say? I said it in my review and I maintain that I too would love some science backing this thing but I won’t just sit here and say it’s a scam because there’s a lack of science. There’s a lack of science behind the benefits of barefoot running versus shod running too.

    • Michael says:

      Droog: WHAT ARE YOU NEW!!!! I’m not a distributor but yet it has worked for our son?? Our Son was on ADHD Meds all summer and we got this bracelet and he no longer is taking the MEDS and now is doing great in school!! And on the football field he is a sixth grader playing with seventh graders and had his second touchdown of 75 yards. So if you dont think it works who cares you’re not watching my son’s progress!! I think were getting one for everyone in our family!!

    • Omem says:


      I do not have any scientific explanation, “gobarefooting” mentioned something on his article, but whatever it has done to my running and sleeping, is great. We are all just regular people with our lives, the only thing that we can offer is to share our experiences, and like I posted a month ago, I do not do any MLM and never will so when I asked my friend/customer to get me one I asked not to drag me to any meeting of MLM and he didn’t, in fact he never mentioned it, apparently he just knows someone who sells them, anyway long story short, find someone that will not drag you into MLM and just buy it, wear it and maybe you will get the edge on other things in your daily activities maybe not running, or playing any kind of sport, or healing a certain pain, but if it makes you sleep a little better or rest more, that is good enough, it did it for me. Anyway good luck !

  20. steve says:

    for the people that don’t believe, all I have to say is this; “ignorance is bliss”. I’ve had chronic lower back pain for the past 5 years, I’ve been wearing cPrime for 5 months now and no more pain, discomfort, no more massage therapist or seeing doctors. Believe what you want, this is science and it works. For those that want to know, Yes I am a distributor and believe in the product because the product works! It’s as simple as that.

  21. Anthony says:

    To all the doubters of cPRIME, if you live around the Washington DC area and want me to prove to you that cPRIME is real contact me. As a personal trainer, I’ve done numerous placebo tests on cPRIME on my clients and members of the gym. The results are strong enough that it proves cPRIME works. So I challenge anyone around the area to come see me and I will put you through all sorts of test and you will see.

  22. I have enjoyed all of the great debate about this product since I wrote the review. With that said this was a review and I am not a distributor of the product and gain nothing from this review. The link I posted in the review is to the online store of the people who were kind enough to give me a free sample of the bracelet for my review. That link is the only link I will allow posted on my page as my way (they did not ask it of me) of repaying them for their generosity. I apologize to the rest of you but I will not allow any posts to a distributor website on my page. This is not a place to generate business for your distributorship. Talk on the product all you like but I will have to delete any links posted. Thanks

  23. john says:

    cprime works you need to try one and see it change you at the speed of light

  24. David says:

    I always appreciate honest reviews. There is so much misinformation out there about cPRIME. Like with any product, it affects different people at different degrees. There are new cPRIME products coming out over the next few months. People will try it for themselves and decide if it’s worth it or not.

  25. Matt says:

    Great board! I’m a former gymnast and professional dancer. A buddy of mine told me about it and I thought he was crazy. After trying all the balance tests I was blown away. I don’t know how it works but it does. He let me borrow it and I did the same tests on my friends and it worked on all of them. I don’t really feel stronger because I’m already a beast but I feel so grounded in everything I’m doing. I wish I knew more about what is actually going on because it’s weird but awesome!

  26. Krista Berryhill says:

    I would like to see the company do a double blind study. Give two groups of people the bracelets, only with one group, don’t put in the “active” component. Obviously, the groups would not know who had the “real” bracelet and who didn’t. If they could prove an effect using this method, I would buy one.

  27. Gail says:

    I bought the pink one and quit wearing it when I could NOT get it clean!! Any sure fire suggestions,please?

  28. Paul says:

    I have to say that the C Prime bracelet works for me. I am 40 years old and have my share of age related aches and pains, but I like to stay in shape. I went to the gym last week and had to stop working out due to some tendonitis pain in my forearms. After leaving, I stopped in at the supplement store next to my gym to buy something for it (Cissus Rx). They didn’t sell it but the guy behind the counter said he uses this bracelet for his and it works for him. He took it off and let me try it. IT WORKED! My pain level went wayyy down. He said it costs $110, but I could return it ANYTIME if it stopped working. They have a deal w/ the mfr that allows them to return it for what they pay anytime. I took his off, the pain came back. I put the new one on, the pain went down again. I thought this thing was total B/S, but whatever works. There is no way it is psychological. It just works for my genes. I bet it works better for some than for others, but I believe that that is just the way things are because everyone is different.

  29. HowNice says:

    I tried this last night with 3 friends. The guy that did the demo let us do the tests to eachother. We are all belivers!!! I am now a distributer and cannot wait to turn more friends and golfers on to this. I will learn why, but for now all I know is….IT WORKS!

    Sleep better, less pain, more balance & strength. To me, it’s worth using until it breaks or I find something better. A small investment for better quality of life. See for yourself. That’s all I can say. Good luck

  30. Michael Gomez says:

    Cprime sucks!

    They designed faulty clasps and all my potential clients bracelets fell off. Cprime will not replace them. Bad business. There are several other companies who make this type of product that work just as well. I am trying out a necklace with Healthy Habits not with even better results.

  31. Mark Prime says:

    They do claim you can contact their customer support if your clasp breaks but they will just try to refer you back to the rep you bought it from. This is the typical run around you would expect from a mlm company. Buyer beware! even if they do replace your clasp it has a serious design flaw to begin with.

  32. David says:

    Mark, your post is completely false, misleading and based on ignorance. cPRIME will replace the clasp, or if it’s determined not to be a manufacturing defect, customers can buy a new clasp. Your broad opinion of MLM companies shows a great lack of understanding how independent business ownership works.

  33. skypirate says:

    Barefootin, i met a guy and he did all the tests and i’m with you in that it may or may not work scientifically or not. But if it even makes you think you feel better its worth the $$$. my question is the pricing… a burn band w/out a clasp is $55 but a band with a clasp is $100…hmm is the clasp really worth $50 and alot of people claim the clasp is junk?? and womens seem more expensive than mens??? Are they just taking advantage of womens vanity and prolific shopping habits?

    • I have questioned the pricing from day one. There are a lot of similar prodcuts competing with them and they are all priced around $20 but cprime came out with a huge price tag that I couldn’t understand. The clasp isn’t worth the big price kick in my mind.

  34. Hector says:

    i have been introduced to this c prime bracelet a couple days ago by a member at a health club i work at. He did his little demostrations and informed me about the bracelet. And even after all that i still didnt believe what he was telling me. I thought it was just another guy trying to get me to buy his product for extra money. He let me try it for a couple days and if i didnt like it i could give it back to him and if i liked it he would sell it to me. I tried it for a couple days and i have noticed some difference in different areas. NOT major differences, but SLIGHT differences. I feel like i have better posture, i sleep a lot better therefore i have more energy during the day, and my shoulder does not hurt as bad as it usually does, although i still have pain. What people have to understand is that things don’t happen overnight… I see this bracelet like a supplement you get at a health store. You have to keep taking it, in this case wearing it, to see a major difference. And some supplements dont work for some people, but for others you see major improvement in health or appearance from that supplement. I believe this cprime band thing does work (to a certain extend). But again i have only worn it for a couple days and I do plan and buying it and see if i see major differences in later months. People have to remember it is NOT a magical wonder band, its a band to help you improve your body in some way or another. Now a days people think that the next product introduced is gonna be a miracle wonder. Reality–> it is not. lol. You cant say something does not work when you have never tried it.

    • Well said Hector. I tried to make it clear that I was not really for or against the product as a cure all. I did see some measureable results and that is what I reported. Do I feel it does all that is advertised? Not exactly but most products on the market dont meet all the claims they toss around.

  35. So i just completed the Reeds Lake Tri in Grand Rapids Michigan and there were some reps for C-prime there. They did the tests and like a lot of people I was a skeptic but as they did several different tests I was really amazed. I could really feel a differance in my core and decided to become a rep myself. I did pick up one band to bring home and show my husband that I was not crazy. He was still skeptical after a couple of tests but agreed there was something to it. My 2 year old was throwing a fit about wanting to try it on, so I let him. He was jumping up and down with out loosing his balance and did several squats with his arm out infront of him. I took the band back off and had him try the squats again and he could not do them with out falling forward. So to anyone who thinks its all in “your head” take that.

  36. liam says:

    nikola tesla said about this nearly 80 years ago and made a patent . they have just copied his work/theories he was probaly the cleverest man alive in the last 100 years ………no in fact he was !!!!!!!!!!

  37. Paul Jerome says:

    As a doctor I have learned there are not always scientific explanations for what goes on with our bodies. Some people smoke and nothing happens…others get sick…some get Cancer and conquer it, some don’t.

    I believe that if you look at what these products do on an individual basis it makes more sense. In medical school we were told” If something is supposed to work on EVERYONE, it usually works on no one. Example: Dr. Scholl’s products. Some insoles will relieve back and foot problems mechanically on some patients. On others it will create back and foot and ankle problems. That is because everyone is different physically and mentally and biomechanically. So what works for some may not work for all.

    There are many reasons to be skeptical about the The C-Prime bracelet BUT if it works for you, why question it. Testing is always tainted. Some very smart folks have done poorly on their SAT’s. That doesn’t make them stupid or not college material. Trust me, there were smart people before SAT’s were invented. Tests don’t ever prove what you know , just how much you knew about what was on the test…..
    I had a Femoral fracture five years ago while playing basketball…I have some discomfort now and some referred back pain.Sometimes i’m fine and some days not. I know my balance and ability to run and jump at age 65 is influenced normally but there is an unsteadiness I feel now. I’m going to try this bracelet. Of course i’m a skeptic. If it works I will know it works FOR ME. I’m not sure I will recommend it to friends and relatives but I will tell them what it did for ME and ME only.

  38. Martin says:

    I am a prostate cancer fighter, in the past year my body has gone through lots because of my treatments. They threw the book at me……….here is one problem, At night very hard to sleep and my legs are sore, jump, twitch,ache,itchy…cut the fucking things off sore………in the mall I got a bracelet $35.00 Honest to God…….I am keeping my legs.

  39. Mark Alfes says:

    I hate to burst all the optimist’s bubble, but the fact is CPrime works for one reason only.. the placebo affect. Patent Pending is meaningless. I’ve got numerous patents and filed for patents for ideas I didn’t want others to copy so I could put Patent Pending on the item. Whether it was patented or not I did not care. I’d advise any perspective buyers to wait and see if the patent is approved and a legitimate patent number is granted. This typically takes up to 2-years for a utility patent. Another requirement is for an independent company to perform a double blind study. If this product was legitimate, CPrime would have contracted for this study. My bet is they did contract a double blind study, but the results were not conclusive, so they never published them. This is a very common practice in the pharmaceutical industry, which is corrupt and markets new patented drugs that don’t work as well as older drugs, but they are patented. A distributor did the balance, strength, and flexibility tests on me and the results were inconclusive. It appeared the distributor made alot of faces as if he was exerting alot of force when I had the bracelet on, but the amount of force wasn’t proportional. I told him if he wanted to legitimize his test and convince me he would have to use a force gauge or scale. Bottom line is drugs and neoprene bracelets will in many cases do whatever you believe, as the mind is very powerful.

  40. Dave says:

    Below you will find the Patent information that has been requested. I also did not believe in these bracelets. My friend and I would laugh at Reps that sold them. We were in another network marketing company doing very well. Some of our top leaders making large amounts of money left our company to join Evolv who now sells the Cprime band.Well know I’m one of those Reps that maybe someone else is laughing at. The Cprime works 100% every time I do a demo. I showed a couple of guys and girls at work the other day and came home with an order of 18 Cprime bands. I’m having a lot of fun with the demo’s and still can’t believe it works like it does. My golf game has improved a lot, I have more pars and hitting the ball straighter then ever before. can’t get a placebo affect hitting a golf ball every time. I’m also a runner and my runs are amazing. I really don’t understand why this works but I also don’t understand why a light goes on when I hit the switch either .Most of the Cprime bands I sell the customer picks the $55.00 one , i don’t even suggest the $100.00 one they all work the same. I hope this helps anyone thinking about buying the Cprime band. It really does work.,106,849.PN.&OS=PN/8,106,849&RS=PN/8,106,849

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