Disclaimer:  I love you, Mom.

I visited my parent’s house this weekend, and my mom asked me if I was obsessed.  I asked her what I would be obsessed with, and she said, “Well I read your posts, and it seems like you’re obsessed with this whole running and barefoot thing”.  This is a lady who asked me after I got home from a cross-country meet in high school, “Where’s your medal?  I thought you were a good runner, and you always get medals so where’s your medal this time?”  I let her know that the medals didn’t make it to the meet in time, and that mine was being mailed to me.  I love my mom, but sometimes she doesn’t get what I do.  I asked if she had read the last post about addictions and how I argued against it, which would give the indication that I’m not obsessed.  She said she had read it, but everything is just always about running and barefoot stuff.  I reminded her that my site is called “go barefooting” so the majority of info on it will center on running and a barefoot lifestyle.  Still, no one wants to disappoint the parents so here’s something a little different.

I watched a video on YouTube the other day that ESPN made about Usain Bolt called Cracking Bolt’s Bolts.  In the video John Anderson mentions that as fast as Usain Bolt is, he would be caught by most animals if he were chased.  I remembered how as a kid they told us speeds of animals, and I was always amazed.  So here is a list of animals and their top speeds.  I still love this stuff.

Speed of Animals

Most of the following measurements are for maximum speeds over approximate quarter-mile distances. Exceptions—which are included to give a wide range of animals—are the lion and elephant, whose speeds were clocked in the act of charging; the whippet, which was timed over a 200-yard course; the cheetah over a 100-yard distance; humans for a 15-yard segment of a 100-yard run; and the black mamba snake, six-lined race runner, spider, giant tortoise, three-toed sloth, and garden snail, which were measured over various small distances.

Animal Speed
Peregrine falcon 200.00+
Cheetah 70.00
Pronghorn antelope 61.00
Lion 50.00
Thomson’s gazelle 50.00
Wildebeest 50.00
Quarter horse 47.50
Cape hunting dog 45.00
Elk 45.00
Coyote 43.00
Gray fox 42.00
Hyena 40.00
Ostrich 40.00
Zebra 40.00
Mongolian wild ass 40.00
Greyhound 39.35
Whippet 35.50
Jackal 35.00
Mule deer 35.00
Rabbit (domestic) 35.00
Giraffe 32.00
Reindeer 32.00
Cat (domestic) 30.00
Kangaroo 30.00
Grizzly bear 30.00
Wart hog 30.00
White-tailed deer 30.00
Human 27.89
Elephant 25.00
Black mamba snake 20.00
Six-lined race runner 18.00
Squirrel 12.00
Pig (domestic) 11.00
Chicken 9.00
House mouse 8.00
Spider (Tegenearia atrica) 1.17
Giant tortoise 0.17
Three-toed sloth 0.15
Garden snail 0.03

For the record Usain Bolt’s speed peaks at 27 mph (I’m guessing that is him in this chart), and he averaged 23 mph during his record-breaking 100 meter run.

The chart and info courtesy of www.infoplease.com


4 responses »

  1. Duncan says:

    I’m guessin’ that I’m way faster than the spider, the tortoise, the three-toed sloth, and the snail – but heck, over the long haul, might just pull ahead of the chicken! 🙂 PS I’ll bet your mom enjoyed the post!

  2. Jerrie Hart says:

    yes she did, so glad i could help out. Love you too Son

  3. Nathan says:

    Face it, Jimmy, you are obsessed. And the fact that we keep coming back for a read says something about us all as well 😉 Thanks for your focused enthusiasm on a sport that I am interested in learning more about. Your experience and insight is always welcome.

  4. Et tu Nate? Maybe I am obsessed or maybe I’m just really enthusiastic and excited about something I love. There’s a thin line between genius and insanity 🙂 Oh and Duncan, on a good day I can best a squirrel and pace a six lined race runner, for a little bit at least!

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