Hey guys!  Here are some of the interesting things I’ve come across recently on the World Wide Web.  Hope you enjoy!

Mcdougall’s blog about the running world’s changing stance? Could it be that the running establishment is ready to start giving some credit to the “wild and fanatical” ravings of the barefoot running loons?

Patrick Sweeney wins one for the barefooters!  Sweeney wins the 44th annual Palos Verdes Marathon in some interesting footwear.

and may now want to go bare?

Can you walk on water?

Interesting place for some good old non-medical advice.

A good minimalist shoe alternative.

Looking for socks with toes? Want lots of options?


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  1. Nathan says:

    Thanks for the link. I hope to have a report/mockumentary (depending on our findings) of our water walking experience in the near future. Stay tuned…

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