Not too long ago I posted a bit about The Triathlete and The Fat Guy, a podcast on  You may also remember that I  said I was going to do a Q&A with Brian, the Triathlete and creator of the site.  Well Brian and I chatted a little while back and it was a nice and, I feel, productive talk.  We covered a lot of the common topics about barefooting as well as a little about our personal stories.  I hope that this talk is beneficial to some of you out there that might be curious about barefoot running or are already in the transition.  Brian is a smart and dedicated guy when it comes to being healthy and fit.  He is also exploring the joys of the minimalist world as he is putting in some good runs in his Vibram Five Fingers.  I recommend you spend some time looking around his site and if you have some time to spare you should definitely watch his video chronicling his personal journey into good health.  It runs about an hour but it’s motivating and worth the time.  First though, if you would like to hear our chat, and I hope you do, then head on over to his site and let me know what you think!  Click here for our chat as well as the rest of the Triathlete and The Fat Guy talks.


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