The first pairs of the Vibram Five Fingers Bikila surfaced at the Boston Marathon and for the most part quickly sold out.  I believe there are still a few of the larger sizes available at City Sports on Boylston St in Boston.  It may be worth giving them a call at (617) 267-3900 if you are one of those big footed people.

As for the rest of us the wait continues but might not have to. posted today that a limited amount, I believe 180 pairs, were being released at the City Sports website and I can confirm that as I just purchased a pair.  So checking there may be fruitful.

I also spoke with my local store Luke’s Locker and they said there is a slight chance they could have them as early as next week.  To me that means your local stores might also be getting them soon as well so the wait could be over for most of us.

My advice is that if you really want these shoes then you need to be seeking them out.  Be on your toes and sign up for all available updates from retailers about them as that will keep you informed.

I will say I had no intentions of freaking out and rushing at the first opportunity to get them but I did and I’m glad.  I felt like a kid at Christmas as I hit refresh repeatedly on my computer.  When they showed up I clicked fast and furiously until my transaction was done.  My heart rate went up and I was excited.  It’s fun to be in a race of any kind I guess.


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