I have tried to keep this site from being about me but instead about running and the joy of running.  I have put some of my personal points of view on here a time or two, and I have questioned it each time.  Recently I have received feedback on those postings and found that there are a several people who seem to be interested in what I think as well as what I know.  I found that interesting, humbling, and motivating.  So I have decided that from time to time I will go ahead and sprinkle in some of my own personal thoughts and experience as well as continue to write what I hope are educational and useful articles.

With that said something strange happened this week that made me think about my life as a runner.  I love to run.  I really do.  I know there are some that say if you love it you are not doing it right but I disagree.  I love running.  I love going fast, pushing myself to my brink, losing myself on a long slow run, and in general just taking in all that is running.  As I lay on my couch suffering from stomach flu I found myself thinking about when I would get to run again.  I found myself trying to figure out just how far I should go and how far I thought I would be able to go.  I have a half marathon coming up on May 15th, and I want to make sure I’m ready so the thoughts of running were, well, running wild through my head.  As I caught myself thinking about running I realized just how much I really do enjoy it.  Sure it hurts at times, but that pain quickly turns to pride as I finish and realize what I’ve accomplished.  Of course I have times where I think I don’t want to go out and run, feel I don’t have the time, energy, or drive to get outside and go for it.  I have also found that even on those days if I just go slip on a pair of running shorts I suddenly cannot wait to get out and get started.  It’s like when a superhero changes into his suit, and his alter ego is left behind.  My superhero suit is running gear, and the second I put those clothes on I feel invincible and cannot contain my excitement to put foot to road.  Lying around the past two days, suffering from illness, has taken away that feeling of invincibility and replaced it with a small measure of doubt.

First, I am concerned at just how much this will derail my half marathon quest.  The clock is ticking, and I was already walking a tight timeline to be ready for it.  Hopefully I recover quickly and find a way.  The other issue I find myself facing is a foot strain.  I bruised the ball of my foot, and, in what I thought was a smart move, I wore a pair of “regular” shoes to protect it.  The problem is that seems to have strained a tendon in the bottom of my foot causing a slight irritation.  It’s not terribly painful, but it does not let me forget that it is there.  As soon as I feel I have recovered from the stomach bug I will test the foot with a short run.  I have been treating it, and I hope that it goes away around the time I get out there for that first run.

This “injury,” which I’m not sure I should call an injury so much as an annoyance, has left me thinking even more about how I long to run.  I lay here looking out my window watching beautifully sunny days go by without me.  I see these wonderful days come and go, and none of them see me run.  I feel like I’m missing out, like I’m letting life pass me by, one missed run at a time, and I realize that I LOVE running.  It’s a wonderful thing, running, a wonderful thing, and I will soon pay it a visit.  You should too.


I decided today was the day to get back out there.  I realize that I just posted this today but I also felt like today I could go for it.  Plus I wrote this two days ago 🙂  With that said I got out on a warm and windy day out here in Texas, 83 degrees with a real feel of 88 and around a 10 mile an hour wind.  Running into the wind felt rough but once I got it to my back it was great and I felt good through the whole run.  I logged a nice 3 miles in my aqua shoes as a precaution for the strain in my foot but never felt it.  Since I felt no pain and things were good I slipped the shoes off for the last mile and it was great!  I still feel drained and not quite up to par but I feel better after my run than I did before it and that is a beautiful thing.


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  1. Duncan says:

    The inclusion of personal thoughts and reflections give your already excellent blog additional texture and meaning…so bring ’em on. I’ve discovered too the frustration of the occasional days when ill or injured, and end up looking wistfully at our running gear or out the window. This “time apart” from the self-propelled sports we love, however, can be put to good use. I find it an excellent opportunity to reflect thankfully on the joys of running (and also sea kayaking for me). My appreciation for each footstep on the trail or paddle stroke on the water deepens and I am reminded to never take what I am able to enjoy for granted. When illness or injury is over, it is with renewed excitment and energy (and thankfulness!) that I head back out again. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Jimmy.

    • Thanks for the feedback Duncan. I appreciate the compliments and I will try to keep the standards and entertainment value high. If you saw the update then you know I toughed out a run today and it was like you said, a renewed excitement and energy that I found myself running with. I even left all gadgets at home and just enjoyed the moment.

  2. Nathan says:

    Jimmy, I agree with Duncan. It’s the anecdotes that make your knowledge about running come alive. I could go about anywhere for running advice, books, articles, blogs, clubs, forums, but during my explorations it’s the intimacy of personal experience that catches my eye. It’s your stories and personal thoughts that make what you say about running more real. Keep it up. I’ve already learned so much from you.

    Sorry t hear that you are not feeling well. I hope you are up to 100% soon. Good luck with your 1/2. I’ll have my first half of the season two weeks after yours. We’ll have to compare notes.

    • Thanks Nathan. If you read the update then you know I’m back on the road again (to quote Willie Nelson). I’m looking forward to my half and hearing about your as well. Keep it up and thanks for the support. I never figured my personal input would be that big of a deal. Glad to know otherwise.

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