From time to time I come across fun, interesting, educational, or just worthwhile things online and I want to share them but have no forum to do so.  I have pages linked on my Blog Roll that I feel are good visits but sometimes I find a single article or posting I enjoyed and I want you to enjoy them as well so I am bringing you my “Cool Things on the Net Right Now” section.  I hope you enjoy

Barefoot Ted Breaks it Down:

Barefoot Ted does what he does best and shares knowledge of barefoot running.

Davy Crockett Runs Boston:

Ok so maybe he didn’t really run it but this is a really good recap and telling of the race in Boston, also known as the Boston Marathon.

The Evils of Strength Sucking Modern Shoes:

A fellow trainer offers some great advice, humorous thoughts, and technical information about exercise and training benefits gained from losing the shoes.

Want More Minimalist Options?:

This is a very good review of a very good minimalist option.  I personally have not had a chance to try these out but I plan to very soon.  I have had talks with trusted sources that swear by these huraches so if they believe then so do I.

Another Option:

Soft Star RunAmoc is another shoe I am curious and excited about.  I again have no personal experience yet but plan on it very soon.  Still an interesting option.

These are only a few of the things I have entertained myself with this week and I hope you enjoy them too!


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