Yup this is a barefoot running site, and I try to find and link up with as many others as I can so that you guys can have as many places to get information as possible.  My dream is to educate the world, and that is why I started this site.  With that said, I want to educate on everything from running and barefooting, to cross training and eating so I also look for other places that will be of benefit to all who come here.  I have found that in a mutual friend’s blog.

I have been a coach and trainer for a long time, working with people in some aspect for about 13 or 14 years now, and I was informed today that one of my former clients is involved with a website called blog.getonthebike.com.  My former client, Matt Hester, is now a good friend, and we still talk to this day about training, exercise, and all of our adventures when we get a chance.  He let me know today that he is involved with the get on the bike blog through a series of podcasts called “The Triathlete and the Fat Guy”.  Hester is not the triathlete, although he could complete one at any time.

The man behind the blog is Brian Lamee, the triathlete, and although I am only just starting my relationship with him I have looked through his site, and it is a great resource and an interesting place to check out.  Brian is a dedicated man with a clear mission that started with losing a lot of weight, 100 pounds, and keeping it off.  Now a highly goal-oriented triathlete, Brian has invited me to do a podcast with him about running and running barefoot.  Pairing up with Brian and Matt in their ventures is something I am very excited about as my main goal is to share and spread the knowledge and joy of being fit and healthy.

Be on the lookout for that podcast, and in the meantime check out Brian’s site and let him know what you think.


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