I thought it a good idea to give a Bikila update and share some news I received regarding the shoes.  Back in March I posted an email I received from Vibram Customer Service Manager Jim Simpson.  In that email Jim was kind enough to let me know that the Bikila would be available in mid April.  True to their word, Vibram has shipped out an initial round of Bikilas, but it will be hard to get them as the number is limited and only going to a few of their long-time distributors.

I have close contact with a running company here in the Metroplex called Luke’s Locker, and my people over there informed me yesterday that they found out they would be getting the Bikila in May.  This is disappointing as most of you are probably figuring out that you will have to wait a little longer to be the first one in line for these shoes, but this is the first time that I have heard a distributor having any information from Vibram on an actual arrival time.  It’s exciting for me that my people at Luke’s have been told when to expect them because that is rare.

If you have ever talked to a distributor or been one of the many people who just randomly pop in and out of your local dealer’s store to see if they have any in stock then you know that the distributors themselves usually do not know when to expect shipments.  It is almost like Vibram runs stealth covert ops when it comes to their shipping.  The people come to work and boom! there are boxes from Vibram that day.  No warning and no notice, just shipments.  That is how it usually works so for my friends at Luke’s to have a date or at least a generalized time frame it is a big deal that gets my hopes up.


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