As a barefooter I am a huge fan of the Vibram Five Fingers and do my best to stay up to date on all things Vibram.  I wear them daily since life here in Dallas Tx does not really lend itself to being barefoot all the time.  Most stores and restaurants will not let you in if your feet are not covered.  No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service is a big motto of ours in Texas.  So the Five Fingers lend themselves a wonderful tool to get around such rules.  With that said I use my Five Fingers for everything including running which has me extremely excited about the new Bikila!  A Five Finger that is designed with us pavement pounders in mind.  I have seen numerous reports all over the internet about when they would hit shelves and so far they have not shown up.  I have multiple friends and contacts who work at running specialty stores and none of them know when the Bikila will be in stock.  Well wait no longer my friends because straight from Vibram I have the answer.  Look for them to hit the shelves for retail in mid-April!  I know if you are like me you have been waiting for what seems like a very long time and we are now down to a very short few weeks!  I have pasted the email that I recieved from Vibram below as a show of proof for you guys who think that maybe this is too good to be true.

Hi Jimmy,

Thank you for your email.

The Bikila’s were originally due to launch in February, but they will be at retail by the middle of April.

Jim Simpson

Customer Service Manager | Vibram FiveFingers

Vibram USA Inc.

PH 978.318.0000 x214

Fax 978.318.9245


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